One more week…..

As we approach the holidays, I just wanted to bring up a few things to think about if you have kids at home during the school break.  Remember that some kids struggle with the holidays for many different reasons. Routines at home are different than routines at school.  Some kids LOVE this because they are … More One more week…..

Response to Tragedy

In light of the recent tragedy in Paris, I thought I would discuss a little bit about how we should talk to our children about these types of events. I want to begin with the statement that the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) put out:   Sunday, November 15, 2015  Download PDF Version Bethesda, MD—On … More Response to Tragedy


Hi everyone…I’ve seen some of this week’s behavior this past week in a few different places, so I thought I would share some ideas and insight into this behavior. What behavior do you see? This week’s behavior is defiance.  This behavior looks similar no matter whether it is in the home, classroom, or community setting. What is … More Defiance

Reflection Center

What behavior do you see? This can include any type of behavior, such as off-task, non-compliant, overwhelmed / overstimulated, etc. What can you do about it? Try using a “Reflection Center” in your classroom!  Reflection centers are a designated area in a classroom in which students may be asked to go or ask an adult to … More Reflection Center

Behavior Journals

So my first post here is all about coping with unwanted behaviors in the classroom.  This can be used for students in any grade (K-12+) because it can be adapted to each child’s skill level and their needs. First …… What behavior do you see? Student is exhibiting unwanted behavior in the classroom. Examples: talking out … More Behavior Journals