School’s Out for Summer!

summer 2

So, as I write this …schools are about to dismiss their students for the last time this school year.  One of the things we all ask our students is “what are you going to do for the summer?” We ask them if they’re going to the beach or on vacation, if they’re going to read some books, will they relax, and of course we want to know if they are going to have some kind of fun.


But wait…. as educators, aren’t those things we should be doing too?  In the world of education, we are unique, because most of us (except for the administrators …sorry!), have a good chunk of summer off!  But what do a lot of us end up doing? Going to conferences or workshops, working (whether that’s tutoring or doing evaluations or even something completely different), and preparing for the next school year.  Sure, we may take a short vacation, read a good book, and even relax a little…. but is it truly enough to recharge for another challenging year?  Maybe….. but probably not!  🙂

Take care of yourself and it will reflect on the way you take care of your students!!!

summer 3Here are some ideas to help you recharge this summer!

1. Read That Book

Make a list of the fun, popular, and obscure books you want to enjoy and dig in.

summer 112. Catch up with TV Shows.

.Now is the time to catch up on all the great programming you missed during the year.

3. Get Physical.

Create some great new habits like learning to cook fabulous healthy meals, running on the beach (or wherever) at least three times a week, and doing more weight training.

5. Reconnect with Friends.summer 10

Summer vacation is a great time to reconnect with friends – especially those who live far away.  Catching up with friends is a great way to recharge those batteries.

6. Review Your Finances.

Teachers, like everyone else, often have student loan debt, as well as housing and childcare costs, that get in the way of setting financial goals. This is the perfect time to sit down and figure out your financial goals and a plan to reach them.

summer 97. Experience Nature.

Get out there and visit the beaches, mountains, meadows, and parks that allow you to commune and be one with nature.

8. Create Some Family Memories.

You don’t have to spend huge amounts of money to create memories that will last forever. Plan trips to the park, bike riding excursions, and family barbecues on a hot summer nights. These are the experiences your children, grandchildren, and relatives will treasure forever.

9. Redecorate.summer 8

Anybody believe in feng shui, the Chinese art of harmonizing with your environment? Make a plan to redecorate your classrooms and homes with feng shui principles in mind.

10. Start, or re-engage, in a hobby.

Are you a writer or artist that never has time to do the things that make your heart sing? Make some time to act on those passions, and take some time for yourself.

11. Be a Slug.summer 6

Just veg out on your deck, couch, or wherever, with your favorite pillow and a refreshing beverage and reflect on the year behind you and plan for the one ahead.



  Have a great summer!!!  summer 12




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