School Psychology Awareness Week

Hi Everyone!!! I’m a little late posting this week… but I thought I’d change it up a little bit…. a slight break from interventions.  🙂

So… this week is School Psychology Awareness Week and I thought I’d use this blog post for a little boost in awareness.   For as long as I’ve been a school psychologist, this week has always just come and gone without a lot of fuss, discussion, or recognition.  Yes, I said recognition.  🙂  Not for myself… but for the profession as a whole.  Now, among school psychologists, we talk about it, we recognize each other, we fuss….. but is there really a good understanding of our profession by others?  Not sure…because anytime I tell someone what I do that does NOT work in the field of education…. they always assume I’m a counselor and only do therapy in the schools.  And of course, the general assumption by those in the education field is that we only do evaluations.  🙂  So… technically they are all right… we do a little bit of everything…  we counsel, we evaluate, we collaborate, we mentor, and we even do a little bit of calming down situations as necessary. 🙂   I hope I have given you some food for thought….  for some more information…check out this video that explains our profession and have a great week!!

By the way…if you work at one of my assigned schools, this week you will receive a small token of my appreciation in your mailbox… just my way of saying thank you for letting me help you and your students.  🙂


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