Behavior Journals

So my first post here is all about coping with unwanted behaviors in the classroom.  This can be used for students in any grade (K-12+) because it can be adapted to each child’s skill level and their needs.

First …… What behavior do you see?

  • Student is exhibiting unwanted behavior in the classroom.
  • Examples: talking out in class, not raising hand, not completing work, bothering other students, not paying attention / focusing on assignment / task, not turning in work, not telling the truth, not sharing with others.                      

Second ……What can you do about it?                                 

journalUse a “Behavior Journal” (self-monitoring strategy) to get students to “own” their behavior.        

  • 1st – Identify the target behavior (i.e. “I will raise my hand when I have something to say.”
  • 2nd – Have student create and decorate a journal (store-bought or handmade) Here is a super cute idea with a free printable…….Inside-Out-feelings-journal
  • 3rd – Have student write and / or draw pictures daily to write about their week’s targeting behavior (see step 1) and how they handled problems that came up.
  • 4th – Review journal with student, give observations, praise positives and help work on alternative actions for negatives.
  • 5th – Fade the role of the adult in the intervention as behavior improves.        

Who is the target student (grade)?

K-12+…. If students struggle to write about it, have them draw pictures, do a collage, etc. Encourage their creativity… it is a proven way to express one’s feelings.

Third…..How do you document it (this is for those of us in the school system documenting interventions)?

I hope this has been helpful!!!! Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions / requests for future strategies!


Cindy Vinson, School Psychologist


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