Reflection Center

What behavior do you see? This can include any type of behavior, such as off-task, non-compliant, overwhelmed / overstimulated, etc. What can you do about it? Try using a “Reflection Center” in your classroom!  Reflection centers are a designated area in a classroom in which students may be asked to go or ask an adult to … More Reflection Center

Behavior Journals

So my first post here is all about coping with unwanted behaviors in the classroom.  This can be used for students in any grade (K-12+) because it can be adapted to each child’s skill level and their needs. First …… What behavior do you see? Student is exhibiting unwanted behavior in the classroom. Examples: talking out … More Behavior Journals

Welcome to the Art of School Psychology Blog!!!

I have created this blog for those of you who work with children and may sometimes need a few suggestions as to what to do with them in terms of behavior, social emotional skills, academics, etc. My focus will be providing suggestions for all kids of all ages, with many types of difficulties, but specifically those … More Welcome to the Art of School Psychology Blog!!!